Numerous Moods, Countless Colours, Various Paintings


Inventiveness and thoughts were on light present at the painting struggle in custody on Friday as part of ToI's Hyderabad for Kids Paintings drive among participants filling their sheets with vibrant colours and attractive sceneries and patterns. A huge 824 students from roughly 75 city schools turned up for the affair held at the Sultan Ul-Uloom Junior College on Road No.3, Banjara Hills, to platform their inventive skills and novel interpretations of the topics which were based on the colourful humankind roughly them and their moods and position. The kids also got a chance to interact with city police commissioner.

The participants were at odds into two groups; junior group for students from class IV to VII and senior group for those from class VIII to XII and given separate topics. Although the juniors had to paint on the topic "My colourful world", the seniors were given "Paint your mood". The participants were auxiliary at odds into categories depending on the standard used and the procedure of painting. The categories were inferior crayons, low-ranking rivulet colours, senior concrete and senior water colours. The kids were specified one hour to entire their canvas and as soon as the time happening, they got busy with their brushes and colour palettes while their parents and teachers waited tolerantly outer the foyer.

Participants ended the nearly all of the topics, leasing their head run wild and the Kids painting equipment in the vein of a abode in the exhaust, a jigsaw puzzle with surroundings, a face which was half-smiling and half-angry, geometrical shapes and tuneful instruments. Priyal Boghani of Delhi Public School, said, "I was very taken aback when I heard the topics because I attention that it would be a little news correlated


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