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Tanjore paintings is one of the most important form of classical Indian painting. The native to the town of Tanjore at TamilNadu in India.Tanjore paintings are known for their surface richness, vivid colors and also the compact composition.Thanjavur paintings was originated during the Maratha period at the time of 16th century.

The following things used for Tanjore Paintings
1.Wood of the Jackfruit tree
2.layer of cloth
3.Arabic gum
4.Natural colours

Drawing Stages
1.fundamental drawing of the image on the base
2.decorate with semi-precious stones

Paintings completed with in 3 Stages. There are Classic, Antique Style and Embossed.

Classic finish contain bold colors and striking backgrounds.These are combined with high-glitter gold foil.

ii)Antique Style:
The Antique contain the gold's glitter is more sober,with more subtle colors and plain backgrounds

The embossed paintings are similar to the classic style but are embossed to bring about more depth

Style of painting
This method of work of art has been followed usually by the people in Southern TamilNadu for the past two centuries. Maratha princes, Nayaks of Vijaynagar period, Rajus communities of Tanjore and Trichi and Naidus of Madurai patronized the art of Tanjore painting from 16 to 18th centuries.Tanjore paintings are much inbuilt in tradition and immobile pioneering within restrictions. This art is blessed and devoted. The paintings are famous for their beautification in the appearance of semi-precious gravel, pearls, glass pieces and gold.The prosperous lively colors, dashes of gold, semi-precious stones and fine creative work are characteristics of these paintings. The figures in these paintings are big and the faces are round and godly. Though, by means of the regeneration of this art in the twentieth century, artists in calculation to recreating the innovative Tanjore figures are also experimenting with more proportioned figures, birds, flowers, animals, and so on.


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