Extra ordinary Mother And Child Paintings

The relationship between a mother and her newborn baby is an extraordinary one, to be sure.

She is just carried that baby for nine months, feeling the kicks and scrapes of the little body within her own body and now they are meeting face to face for the first time.

A Utah artist, J. Kirk Richards, has just refined a massive artistic endeavor to honor motherhood and that special bond. 

He is created fourteen paintings as a part of what he calls a Mother and Child project.

Generally Richards creates a work of art and frames it when it is finished. 

This time the artist purchased fourteen ornate, readymade frames and let each frame motivate the painting. Fourteen attractive Mother and Child paintings.

You can vote on one image to turn into a Mother’s Day card and a fine art publishes. The prints and cards will be offered through the months of April and May.

Fifty percent of all profits from the sale of prints and cards will go to benefit children whose parents have cancer, at Camp Kesem.


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